Monday, 13 September 2010


Good morning, and welcome to my new blog on well being. It's about being well and becoming well. It's about how to stay well and how to flourish.

My name is Christopher Dowrick. I'm a professor and family doctor living in Liverpool, UK. Mental health and well being are at the heart of my work.

Over the past twenty years I've helped thousands of people with mental health problems. I've also written lots of research papers and published several books, including Beyond Depression,which aims to help family doctors see mental health in a more positive light. Instead of thinking of our patients as people suffering with mental illnesses, I explain how we do better to see them as persons, leading their lives as best they can, who sometimes need help when times are tough.

Many people with experience of mental health problems have told me that Beyond Depression speaks directly to them. This blog is for you, and people like you.

In the coming weeks and months I'll post a series of blogs on different aspects of well being, and on the art of well becoming.

Each blog will deal with an important element or ingredient of well being. I will start by writing about what to do when times are tough. Then I'll explain the importance of feeling at home; how we all need to be able to be alone sometimes; and about the benefits of finding both useful and enjoyable things to do. Sometimes I will start with a question. What are you grateful for? What are you most proud of?

I'll begin each blog by explaining why this particular ingredient is important for well being - drawing on practical experience, theory and research. I'll tell you how each element of well being affects me personally, and why it matters to others. I will give you examples from patients I've worked with, from literature and from public spaces. I'll tell you how you can use each element to improve your well being. And I'll make suggestions on where to find help, if you need it.

Sometimes my wife - Susan Martin - will join me in co-writing parts of these blogs. Sue is a psychologist and biologist, Amongst many other things, she runs Positive Thoughts courses to help people to make the very most of their lives. You can find out more on

So, welcome to my blog on well becoming. I'm looking forward to sharing - and flourishing - with you.


  1. My father... a blogger! Who would have thought it!

  2. At last! Two REAL healers who truly care about the wellbeing of all who cross their door in need when times are dark.
    CHRIS & SUE I applaud you for your never ending care for those who are struggling. I look forward to reading more. Both of you are outstanding in your work. I should know, for these two have held my hand and guided me through one of the roughest patches in my life. As a parent raising two severly disabled children, stress can be immense. Sue & Chris have been there for me and my family emotionally and medically. I/We cannot thank them enough for they go the extra mile. I say to any doctors out there, before you reach for your presription pad read Proff DOWRICKS work for he and his wife have much to teach and share.
    The world needs more like these two special people in the field of mental health. Then maybe we will be able to say goodbye to the nurse Rachetts of mental health (one flew over).

  3. Hi looking at this blog .. may not know Chris and Sue i do!,for a few years and i wonder how their ever put up with me.they have guided me back on track on my tough journey maybe you travel on it too.its far from easy and i am so fortunate to have found two decent human beings for sure.With a geniune understanding of mental health issues the affect it has not only on the person but people who they share they life with(family,friends carers.). Once you get to know them you will understand when i say WARNING "Chris and SUE are a SAFE ADDICTION!"