Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Conducting an orchestra

A few months ago, I was elected Chair of the World Organisation of Family Doctors' (WONCA) Working Party for Mental Health.  

Yes I know, that is rather a mouthful!

But what it means in reality is this:  I now have the privilege of working with family doctors and their colleagues around the world, to help to improve the mental health of their patients. 

And it really is a privilege.... it's like being the conductor of a high quality symphony orchestra. There are so many excellent family doctors, doing so many important things in the field of primary mental health care -  it is exciting to hear them all, and to help people to work more effectively together.  

For example, in Brazil we are arranging a series of mental health training programmes for family doctors, based on the World Health Organisation's mhGAP programme.  In the Eastern Mediterranean region, we are working with many others to develop comprehensive community based mental health systems.  And in China and Eastern Europe we are finding new ways to help family doctors gain more confidence and skill in diagnosing common mental health problems. 

We are also acting as advocates for vulnerable groups in our communities, including people with severe mental illness, and asylum seekers traumatized by their experiences.

You can read more about us, and keep in touch with our activities and progress, through this link to the WONCA website



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